Fire Marshall Certification


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Fire Marshall Certification

Fires may break out when least expected and it is important to know how to deal with these situations, not just as a fire marshal, but as an individual as well. This course covers basic fire safety and prevention steps, as well as the actions to take in the event of a fire, so as to improve overall fire awareness.

The course aims to equip all persons, as well as the fire marshal, with the knowledge and skills needed to properly deal with emergency situations. You will learn how to identify potential fire hazards, how you can minimise their risk, how to properly use a fire extinguisher and how to be reactive in any situation.

You Will Learn:-

  • Some of the basic principles behind combustion and how fires spread.
  • What the most common causes of fire are.
  • The safety and preventative measures to take in order to minimise the threat of fire.
  • What the main duties of the fire marshal include.
  • About the different classes of fire and how this leads to choosing the correct fire extinguisher.
  • The actions to take in the event of a fire breaking out.

Benefits of Taking This Course:-

  • Your knowledge will allow you to properly identify fire hazards in an area.
  • Your knowledge will allow you to be better equipped in preventing fires from breaking out.
  • You will learn of the proactive and reactive responsibilities of the fire marshal, allowing you to gain more confidence in this role.
  • You will learn to handle a fire extinguisher.
  • You will gain an overall better understanding of fire safety and awareness, all of which can be applied to both individuals and fire marshals.
  • The knowledge provided in this course will help you to better deal with an emergency.

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3 hours