Duty of Care Certification


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Duty of Care

A duty of care is the responsibility to ensure the health, safety and general wellbeing of other people. It can encompass offering constructive feedback and safe working conditions for employees. The UK has a legal obligation for duty of care. People are expected to care about the health and safety of people around them.

With such provisions in place, working environments in the UK are most often safe for employees. This is unlike workplace environments in developing countries, as they do not have a legal obligation for duty of care.

Employers must first meet legal obligations to be able to offer an advanced duty of care to their employees. They should also determine what their workers need and the duty of care that is already in place in order to help come up with new duty of care principles.

Due to the essence of people’s safety at work or anywhere else, this course has been developed to help you understand the term ‘duty of care’ in a general sense, for ease of application in any industry.
We start by defining duty of care and what it generally involves.
Next, we list the benefits of duty of care to employees and explain whether it is a legal requirement in the UK.

Finally, the course covers levels of duty of care and how employers can develop a duty of care policy.

You Will Learn:

  • The meaning of duty of care
  • The benefits of duty of care
  • The legality of duty of care
  • Duty of care levels
  • How to develop a duty of care policy

Benefits of Taking This Course:

    Taking this course will help you:

  • Understand duty of care and its essence in the workplace or anywhere else where it’s applicable
  • Know the benefits of duty of care to employees
  • Determine if you need duty of care
  • Determine if you have duty of care in place
  • Determine if you have a duty of care to lone workers and people with disabilities
  • Develop an effective duty of care for your working environment

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