Construction Management Certification Level 1-3


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Construction Management Certification

If you own a construction company and are looking to train staff to management level, this course is really ideal.

Through 10 fascinating modules, you’ll be introduced to all the essential information that’s necessary for someone to enter into a construction management career. This includes how to handle finances, how to develop projects, running estimates and bids, what important steps are included in organising a site, methods of waste management and the legal issues about which your company should be aware.

This informative course is entirely online, making it available anywhere with a stable internet connection, on any internet capable device.

This course generally takes around 15 hours to complete, although different people study at different paces, so completion times may vary.

Upon completion of this course, your employees will receive an industry-recognised certificate that really does enhance your company’s reputation.

What’s Covered in the Course?

Through this course, your employees will learn about:

  • The significant principles that define the field of construction management;
  • What it takes to be successful in this field and the skills and attributes that are required, in order to excel;
  • The phases of construction management, broken down into five primary sections;
  • Why it’s so important to consider everything, when estimating a job, and the things that are commonly missed;
  • What site organisation is, why it’s so important for maintaining a professional reputation and the primary attributes of an organised site;
  • How using equipment can save you time and money and in which situations it’s best to rent, buy or lease;
  • The most up-to-date methods of measuring the depreciation of your assets;
  • The different types of building materials and how they can influence a job;
  • The legal and ethical factors that come into play when managing your waste and how to use recycling, in order to bring in additional profit;
  • Methods to control your stock and inventory;
  • Choosing reliable suppliers and dependable methods of negotiating the best possible deals;
  • Dealing with inspections and how to pass without any issues;
  • All potential legal issues that may arise when managing a construction company and how to deal with them.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are a range of benefits that your team members should acquire, when they have successfully completed this course. These benefits include:

  • Gaining the necessary skills that can help an employee advance their career in construction;
  • Team members are able to study at any time and from any place that best suits them;
  • Upon completion of the course, employees receive an industry-recognised certificate;
  • Study materials are available on all major devices – all that’s required is an internet connection.

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15 hours