Complaints Handling Certification


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Complaints Handling

It is a popular idea that bad news spreads faster than good news. When a customer encounters a bad service, such a person is most likely to tell ten other people about their bad experiences.

Hence, the need for proper complaints handling as a recovery process. Proper complaints handling allows for a second chance to put things right for your customers.

In most cases, the customer is key, and losing one could result in you losing many more. You are expected to carefully listen to the customer, admit your faults, accept responsibility, apologise to them and try to resolve their issues. However, whatever is done to resolve such issues should be acceptable within your company guidelines and policies.

It is imperative to see complaints as opportunities, in order to make customers feel better about your products and services and also generate repeat business.

Another thing to note is that, when complaints are not handled properly, it could make or break your business. In order to avoid this, this course will guide you towards better complaints handling procedures.

You Will Learn About:

  • Why complaint handling is good for business
  • The effects of complaint handling on customer satisfaction
  • How to effectively handle customer complaints
  • The importance of proper complaints handling

Benefits of Taking This Course Include:

  • Learning about more effective ways in which to handle complaints
  • Understanding that failure to properly handle customer complaints may cause customers to boycott your company
  • Understanding the lengths that you can go to in order to please your customers

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