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Chinese Medicine

As healthcare costs rise and many healthcare facilities become overwhelmed, some people often end up left without treatment options or prefer non-invasive solutions.

There is power in taking control over your own health and treatment plans. With Chinese medicine, you can get many treatments that can help reduce inflammation and, in some cases, improve your health and wellness with your doctor’s agreement.

The difference between Western medicine and Chinese medicine is complex. Each system has its benefits and drawbacks.

People who learn about Chinese medicine often benefit from learning about the different types of naturopathic methods used to treat and care for different conditions. While Chinese medicine is certainly not a ‘cure-all’, or a fix-all’, it can be used to offer a new understanding of medical treatments.

This course will go into detail about what Chinese medicine is, how it differs from Western medicine and types of diagnosis and treatment methods that are used.

We explain the four pillars of diagnosis, how they are applied to the patient and information regarding various treatment options.

Next, we review the benefits of Chinese medicine, the spiritual components and the types of people who can use Chinese medicine and those who should avoid it.

Finally, we provide a few steps to help you select a well-trained Chinese medicine practitioner and discuss the importance of informing your general practitioner of all treatments that you use.

You Will Learn:

  • About Chinese medicine as a whole
  • How Chinese medicine compares to Western medicine
  • Who should use it and who should avoid it
  • How Chinese medicine uses alternative methods of diagnoses and treatments

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will learn about an alternative to Western medicine that has been around for thousands of years
  • You will learn about a naturopathic philosophy
  • You will learn about the health benefits of using Chinese medicine as a treatment option

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