Bullying in Schools Awareness and Prevention Certification


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Bullying in Schools Awareness and Prevention Certification

This useful course deals with the topic of bullying in a school setting. Whether you’re a teacher, in school administration or you work closely with students, this course will help you to turn your school into a friendlier and more inclusive space.

The course specifically focuses on bullying within primary and secondary schools and gives an individual the knowledge, tools and statistics necessary to identify and eliminate bullying as soon as it arises.

This course delves into the causes of bullying, the responsibilities of teachers and administrators in cases of bullying and concepts such as cyberbullying and how social media has changed the face of modern bullying.

This course will enable you to become knowledgeable in the legalities of bullying and teach you in which situations it would be appropriate to seek legal intervention. It will specifically focus on legally protected groups, such as minorities and the disabled, and the legislation that is designed to protect them from discrimination.

The course will discuss how best to identify bullies and methods used to guide children into becoming kinder, more caring individuals, in order to prevent bullying.

What’s Covered in the Course?

In this course, your employee will learn about:

  • The practice of bullying and how to identify when a child is a victim of bullying within your organisation;
  • The concept of cyberbullying, how to protect a child while online and how the internet has changed modern bullying;
  • Your team member will learn about different types of bullying and the more unique and lesser-known aspects of bullying;
  • Why a bully preys on other children and the behaviours and beliefs that characterise a bully;
  • The immediate and lasting effects of bullying on a child;
  • What steps can be taken by teachers and a school’s administrators, once they have identified that a child has become the victim of bullying;
  • Once a bully has been identified, how best to deal with the individual, in order to help correct their behaviour;
  • What acts, regulations and legal protection are given to victims of bullying and, specifically, certain minority and legally protected groups;
  • How best to approach the sensitive scenario of an individual being identified as a bully and how to help their victims.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are a range of benefits to successfully completing this course. These benefits include:

  • Gaining necessary skills that can help to advance your career working with children;
  • Contributing to the wellbeing of children;
  • Your staff member is able to study at the time and in the place that best suits them;
  • Upon completion of the course, students will receive an industry-recognised and fully-accredited certification that can be printed from home;
  • Study materials are available on all major devices – all that’s required is an internet connection.

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