Bipolar Awareness Certification


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Bipolar Awareness Certification

One in six adults have a common mental health condition, and 1% have bipolar disorder. Awareness and understanding of mental illness can go a long way in promoting mental health not just in affected individuals but society as a whole.

This course contains a practical overview of bipolar disorder, its causes, treatment and the impact it has on an individual’s everyday life. It also outlines the steps employers and workers can take to support someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

What You Will Learn

  • What bipolar disorder is, the main symptoms and the signs that accompany depressed, manic and mixed episodes
  • How bipolar is diagnosed, why it is important to treat it in a timely manner and how it is treated using medication and therapy
  • The challenges faced by people living with bipolar disorder and how lifestyle changes can help them manage the condition
  • How and why employers should support workers with bipolar disorder and how to uphold the legislation that protects people with the condition from discrimination

Benefits of Taking the Course

  • If you know someone with confirmed or suspected bipolar disorder, this course will give you a valuable insight into their condition
  • If you work with someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, this course will help you support them in a sensitive manner
  • If you are a business owner or manager, this course will highlight your obligations under the law with regards to supporting someone with a chronic mental illness
  • If you work in an HR role or have an interest in occupational health, you will benefit from this insight into the difficulties people with bipolar disorder face in the workplace

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3 hours