Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Certification


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Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma

The Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma course provides a general overview on the topic of bullying in primary and secondary schools including knowledge, statistics and advice required in order to be able to understand the topic and effectively deal with bullying incidents.

From learning about what bullying is and why children feel the need to bully other children to modern concepts such as cyberbullying. The course includes an in-depth overview of the legal frameworks that protect children in schools as well as analysis of the laws and government guidance that are applicable to cases of bullying.

Bullying is a complex problem that requires active involvement of the entire school community. It also requires that fundamental knowledge on the issue is in place so that meaningful discussions between pupils, parents and teachers are held.

The Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma course has been developed with pupils, parents and teachers in mind and provides all the necessary knowledge required to tackle the bullying in schools issue. Taking the course and working on the additional exercises will assure that you will be better prepared to respond in situations where bullying is present.

The additional information that is included on the legal side of bullying will give you a broad understanding of the most important Acts and Regulations and you will know how to talk to school teachers and governors if your child has been a victim of bullying. In particular, the course focuses on discussing special cases of bullying that include disability-based bullying, as well as homophobic, transphobic, racist and other prejudice-based bullying.

Parents will particularly benefit from taking the course as it also gives extensive advice on dealing with bullying and supporting your child should they be affected, including guidance on how to talk to your child and the activities you can engage in together.

The course also touches on the need to be tolerant and open-minded and the values and ideas that need to be instilled in children by teachers and parents to prevent bullying occurring in the first place.

What you will learn:

  • An introduction to the concept of school bullying
  • How to tell if a child has been bullied based on a specific set of criteria
  • Which areas of schools are preferred arenas for bullying
  • What cyberbullying is and how to stay safe and protect a child’s online presence
  • What is identity-based bullying and special cases of bullying
  • The behavioural characteristics and beliefs of a bully
  • The reasons and motivations why a child becomes a bully
  • What are the short and long term effects of bullying on the involved children
  • Actions that parents can take if their child has been bullied
  • How to correct a bully’s behaviour
  • What are the life circumstances that may cause some children to become bullies
  • What is the teacher’s responsibility in bullying incidents
  • What is discrimination under Equality Act 2010
  • How schools implement Government and Ofsted guidelines in order to prevent bullying

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15 hours